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Fortus Parts Reference Guide

The Fortus Parts Reference Guide (PRG) is renowned throughout the industry for being a comprehensive source of information and a must have document in any library. Covering all popular makes, models and brands of  ground engaging tools, wear parts, fasteners, hardware, and much more, the PRG makes office and site communication fast and simple, saving you time and money. The PRG includes: 

  • Detailed drawings 
  • Part images 
  • Dimensions
  • OEM references
  • Weights
  • Welding instructions
  • Fitting tools and accessories

The much anticipated 7th Edition of the Fortus Product Reference Guide (PRG) is now available for download or in hard copy format depending on your requirements.

Contact the team at Fortus to reserve your copy. Call 1300 363 969 or

Your catalogue is the main reason we use you. I gave it to the fitters and they can sort out exactly what we need from it. Usually it takes them about 5 phone calls back and forth to our supplier to find one new part number, but with you guys they can have everything sorted in a few minutes.

- Quarry Manager

Customer Testimonial

Quarry Manager

Your catalogue is one of the main reasons we use you.Usually it takes them about 5 phone calls back and forth to other suppliers to sort out one part number, but with you guys they can have it sorted in a few minutes.

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