Customer Site Specific Parts Listing

The key to our success as a business has been in evolving our workforce, systems and products to meet the unique and changing needs of our customers.

As part of our continued efforts to offer a high level of quality and professional customer service, we offer customers our tailored site-specific GET parts listing book with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your GET parts requirement s for each machine on site. 

Fortus GET and Wear Parts

The Customer GET Site Specific Parts Listing includes:

  • OEM and Fortus part numbers, to make it easier to order the GET parts you need
  • Clear machine details and GET parts listings for each machine you own
  • Required quantities for each machine and price, to allow you to ensure you have the right stock on hand to avoid downtime
  • Detailed parts description with accompanying drawing, to make it a quick and simple process to identify the correct parts you require
  • Additional styles and options available for each machine, to give you more options that you may not have been aware of

All this information is made available to you in hardcopy format customised to meet your needs and help you to maximise uptime and profitability by minimising downtime, costs and parts wear.

In addition to the Site Specific GET Parts Listing Book, we also offer the following benefits to our customers:

To enquire about getting your hands on your very own customised Site-Specific Parts Listing Book speak to one of our customer support team on 1300 363 969 or email