Wear protection plays an important role in the mining industry, helping to protect the most important parts of earth moving and construction equipment buckets, providing additional protection in the toughest conditions.

Replacement wear parts for Excavator and Loader Buckets include Heel Blocks, Wear Buttons, Chocky Bars, Side Cutters, Wing Shrouds, Lip Shrouds and Grouser Bars, which assist in protecting and extending the life of the machine bucket. 

Fortus wear protection parts are available in light duty through to heavy duty, suiting all types of conditions and applications across Australia.

Heel Blocks

Heel Blocks - Australia wide | Fortus

Protecting the high wear corner edges on excavator and loader buckets, Heel Blocks are critical to the performance and life of machinery buckets.

Heel blocks are available for all bucket sizes and are made from Alloy steel with high abrasion resistance.

Lip Shrouds

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The bucket lip of your excavator or loader might be minimal between teeth, but it plays an important role in cutting through material. Without lip shrouds, the leading edge of the bucket stays exposed and can quickly wear down and ultimately damage your bucket.

Made from hardened alloy steel and available in a range of sizes for various machinery.

Wing Shrouds

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Wing Shrouds protect the upper and lower side walls of excavator and loader buckets. Fortus Wing Shrouds use a pin system to ensure easy change out while on site.

Grouser Bars

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Used for the replacement track plates and replacement treads on tracked vehicles. Welding on grouser bars can maximise the life of your steel track and ensure long wearability.

Grouser bars are also widely used in general wear protection areas. The welding bar can be welded to narrow leading edges of blades and buckets on excavators, bull dozers and loaders. It can also be welded on the inside of buckets to reduce exposure and increase load capacity. Due to the welding bevels on grouser bars they are easy to secure with a strong weld on to various machinery.

Made from heat-treated 440-500HB Boron Alloy steel and available in a range of sizes. Designed for unforgiving conditions.

Side Cutters

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Side cutters are bolted to the side of excavator buckets and protrude outwards. This assists with protecting the bucket from wear and is also effective at cutting the side wall of trenches. Generally designed to be thicker than the original bucket and can increase the its capacity.

Side cutters are generally suited for machinery up to 30 tonnes. For machinery over 30 tonne, Wing shrouds are recommended.

Chocky Bars

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Chocky bars are a favourite amongst wear protection parts, due to its universal use and ease of cutting, shaping and welding over varied surfaces. Made of a heavily notched white iron layer, which is securely bonded to a mild steel backing plate.

Used for a variety of applications on buckets, excavators, dragline machines, or for lining chutes. Can be used alongside other wear parts to give extra advantage and protection.

The white iron provides the high wear resistance while the high notching enables Chocky Bars to be easily curved and cut. The mild steel aids in the welding of the chocky bar to any surface.

Cleverly named "Chocky Bar", because it looks like a bar of chocolate.

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Wear Buttons

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Made from white iron and mild steel layers, wear buttons meet the demands of extreme wear areas. The round shape of the button makes it popular for the sides of buckets and can be used on a variety of machinery including loaders, excavators and dozers.

D75 & D90 wear buttons are available in donut shape with a centre hole.

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Wear Plates

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Fortus wear plates are made from a white iron layer on a mild steel layer. This drastically assists with decreasing the labour intensive hard face welding process. The white iron consists of less silicon and the carbon is cemantile. This provides high resistance to wear in both crusher and chute applications.

Welding Instructions

Wear Donuts

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Wear buttons allow you to make your own layout to suit your particular wear protection solution on your bucket. Effectively minimise wear in high impact areas for a range of earthmoving machinery. Easy to install and weld onto the bucket.

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