Fortus the emerging force in GET is proud to announce we are expanding our capabilities with a Tungsten Carbide Overlay (TCO) hardfacing solution. With a dedicated team of welders devoted to the application of TCO, we are able to provide the most effective wear solution for your ground engaging machinery parts.

This value-add solution improves our product offering to the mining, quarry, and construction industries with enhanced wear life and performance overall. TCO is the best wear solution for equipment subject to operate in extremely abrasive environments, such as handling quarry materials, overburden removal, and iron ore mining.

TCO is the process of applying a special tungsten grit material to the GET surface. With field tested results, our Tungsten overlay technologies are able to extend wear life by 3 to 4 times compared to regular GET parts. We source the Tungsten Carbide materials from the highest quality manufacturers, which ensure our customers achieve the best result. With our experience in hard-facing, we can advise you the best options for your GET requirements accordingly

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