Rippers are used in very aggressive environments, and as a result the number one key feature for heavy equipment rippers is the "Quality". Fortus heavy equipment rippers provide rapid penetration and ripping angles, along with increased aggressive impact resistance.

Fortus supply Caterpillar and Komatsu ripper parts including One piece ripper shanks, hamerless ripper systems and various components.

One Piece Ripper Shanks

Fortus one-piece ripper shanks, are cut to length and have an improved design. Manufactured from tough abrasion resistant alloy steel, hardened for strength and maximum wear life these beauties are built to last. The consistent thickness of the ripepr shank and the reinforced ripper adapter box reduce deformation and protect the rear of the tip. With no welding required you avoid the risk of breakage and damage to your machine.

Hammerless Ripper System

Our recently introduced hammerless ripper system is 100% compatible with current CAT ripper shanks and have been designed along the same principles of hammerless bucket teeth (which are gaining popularity).  The hammerless ripper system is safer to install compared to the classic system, with no loss of quality or strength. The ripper boot is self-sharpening and has wear panels that extend wear life for improved penetration.

They can be used with standard pins and retainers.

Ripper Shank Components

A full range heavy equipment accessories including protectors, adapters, teeth and noses are kept in stock to ensure availability for our customers when required. 


Caterpillar Ripper

 Caterpillar Ripper

CAT ripper parts to suit Caterpillar earthmoving and construction equipment.

Komatsu Ripper

Komatsu Ripper - Fortus

Komatsu ripper parts to suit Komatsu earthmoving and construction equipment.

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