ESCO® Ultralok® GET System Solution

ESCO® Ultralok® teeth and adapters have been manufactured with optimised tooth profiles using proprietary ESCO® alloys, which rank number 1 in hardness when compared to brands such as CAT®, Deere®, Hensley®, Komatsu® and MTG®. Click to view comparison report.

The optimised tooth profile and high-quality alloys, not only enhance the impact resistance and point sharpness, but also extend tooth and adapter wear life. This means less tooth replacements and greater tooth penetration for digging, resulting in long term savings for your project.

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Features & Benefits
  • The Ultralok® system is a fully hammerless system, requiring no pins and only one person and one tool to lock, unlock and remove the tooth, making it easy and safe to use.
  • 30% longer wear life, due to:
    • 15% more wear metal and superior ESCO® alloys
  • 20% improved labour savings, due to:
    • 30% better wear life
    • No pins required, saving on pin replacement & maintenance costs
  • 25% improved penetration, due to:
    • Lower nose height
    • Smooth tooth adapter transition
    • Improved nose and tooth designs
  • Fortus lifetime warranty against defects
  • Fortus is an Authorised ESCO® dealer for construction markets in WA, QLD, NT and the NSW regions of Greater Sydney, Hunter, North Coast and Northern Tablelands.

ESCO Ultralok GET System

ESCO Ultralok Bucket Teeth

ESCO Ultralok GET System

ESCO Ultralok GET System

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Fortus GET system solutions suit the following machines
Wheel Loader for Mining
Excavator for Construction
Excavator for Quarries

CAT 988
CAT 990
CAT 992
CAT 993
CAT 994
Komatsu WA600
Komatsu WA700
Komatsu WA800
Komatsu WA900
Komatsu WA1200
Volvo L350

CAT 320
CAT 323
CAT 326
CAT 329
Komatsu PC200
Komatsu PC210
Komatsu PC228
Komatsu PC240
Komatsu PC270
Komatsu PC290
Komatsu PC300
Komatsu PC350

Hitachi ZX200
Hitachi ZX210
Hitachi ZH210
Hitachi ZX225
Hitachi ZX250
Hitachi ZX260
Hitachi ZX290
Hitachi ZX350
Volvo EC250
Volvo EC300
Volvo EC350

CAT 349
CAT 352
CAT 374
CAT 390
Komatsu PC450
Komatsu PC490
Komatsu PC600
Hitachi ZX490
Volvo EC480
Volvo EC750
Volvo EC950