ESCO® SV2® GET System Solution

The ESCO® SV2® mining tooth system has been designed and manufactured by ESCO® with enhanced system productivity and reliability benefits. As a result of the hammerless locking system design the system is safer and easier to fit for machine operators and maintenance staff.  

Cast in premium ESCO® alloys, the SV2® tooth ensures an optimum balance of hardness and impact resistance, making it ideal for use in a range of mining applications when fitted to machines such as hydraulic face shovels, excavators, wheel loaders and electric cable shovels.

Both weld-on and mechanical adapter options are also available depending on requirements.

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Features & Benefits
  • Improved safety and ease of installation and removal, as a result of the hammerless locking system design
  • Extended wear life (up to 72% useable wear material), resulting in increased productivity, reduced maintenance time and costs and fuel consumption
  • Enhanced reliability and improved performance
  • Wide selection of point shapes to suit various applications and machines
  • Up to 30% increased nose strength for optimum penetration
  • Fortus lifetime warranty against defects
  • Fortus is an Authorised ESCO® dealer for construction markets in WA, QLD, NT and the NSW regions of Greater Sydney, Hunter, North Coast and Northern Tablelands.


Esco SV2 Tooth System

Fortus GET system solutions suit the following machines
Quarry Excavators
Mining Excavators

CAT 374
CAT 390
Komatsu PC600
Komatsu PC850
Hitachi ZX690
Hitachi ZX890
Hitachi EX1200
Liebherr R9100
Liebherr R9150
Volvo EC750
Volvo EC950

CAT 390
Komatsu PC850
Komatsu PC1250
Komatsu PC2000
Komatsu PC3000
Hitachi EX1200
Hitachi EX1900
Hitachi EX2500

Hitachi EX2600
Hitachi EX3600
Liebherr R9100
Liebherr R9150
Liebherr R9200
Liebherr R9250
Liebherr R9350
Liebherr R9400