At Fortus we stock a vast range of bucket teeth, bucket teeth adapters and excavator spare parts suitable for a range of different earthmoving equipment and applications. We understand the importance of fitting the right Ground Engaging Tool - GET to your bucket in order to get the job done, minimise maintenance costs, extend the life of the equipment and increase performance.

Cat J Series Compatible

Cat J Series Excavator Bucket - Australia wide | Fortus Get a Quote Find Part

The Cat J series tooth system is an industry standard bucket tooth range. The side pin, weld on adapter design is found on all makes of earth moving machinery. The horizontal retention supported by the side-pin and the weld on adapters provide great retention and performance over time.

V-Series Twist On

V-Series Twist On - Australia wide | Fortus Get a Quote Find Part

V-Series Twist On fitments are a direct replacement for Super V® and Twistlok™ fitments. Suitable for use with wear caps and also uses a reusable locking pin. Teeth a reversible to increase wearlife and digging performance.

The ESCO SV2 tooth system is a fully hammerless locking system. and provides enhanced productivity, reliability and safety. It has been designed with a slimmer nose profile adding up to 72% more useable wear metal, ensuring longer life and greater productivity.

ESCO Conical Compatible

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The Esco Conical style tooth and adapter system use a vertical pin and rubber lock which restricts movement. The conical design creates a compression action as the raised centre of the adapter fits in to the tooth pocket. Easy to install on site and readily available.

Daewoo Compatible

Daewoo Compatible - Australia wide | Fortus Get a Quote Find Part

Offering high abrasion resistance and durability the Daewoo tooth and adapter system uses a horizontal 2 piece pin, similar to the Cat J Series. This fitment is generally only used on Daewoo machinery and is readily available.

Keech Compatible

Keech Compatible - Australia wide | Fortus Get a Quote Find Part

Keech style teeth work to increase load bearing, extend operating life and optimise load capacity. Incorporating a vertical 2 piece pin this system is commonly found on a range of machinery models.

Komatsu Compatible

Komatsu Compatible - Australia wide | Fortus Get a Quote Find Part

Komatsu tooth systems have a 1 piece horizontal pin and larger holes than other makes to assist with stability, durability and ease of installation. Komatsu bucket teeth are often used on Komatsu machinery and many imported buckets.

H&L Compatible

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Suitable for smaller machinery, H&L tooth systems use a one piece horizontal metal pin with a strip of rubber through the middle. The rubber works to reduce vibration and enhance flexibility. These teeth offer outstanding performance and durability.

Hensley Compatible

Hensley Compatible - Australia wide | Fortus Get a Quote Find Part

Best known for its unique parabolic design, Hensley bucket teeth incorporate a vertical one piece pin. The curved-in design of the tooth matches the shaped extension of the adapter to ensure a locking fit. Hensley teeth improve digging performance by absorbing impact loads and is easily installed onsite.

Hyundai Compatible

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Hyundai style teeth incorporate a horizontal 2 piece pin and are generally only found on Hyundai machinery. Readily available, Hyundai teeth improve digging performance and retention.

Volvo Compatible

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Volvo style bucket teeth ensure ease of installation and better performance while working. Readily available and often only used on Volvo machinery, this design incorporates a horizontal 2 piece pin installation system.

JCB Compatible

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JCB style teeth for backhoe machines are bolted on to the machine. Suited generally only to JCB backhoe loaders they will work in virtually any environment and get the job done.

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