Fortus Company Profile

The emerging force in GET Systems.

With a proud and strong history spanning almost 3 decades in the GET and wear parts industry, and as the emerging force in GET systems, Fortus aims to set the standard in performance and reliability with a comprehensive range of GET system solutions in mining, quarrying and construction applications.

To reach these high standards in performance, quality and reliability, we work extensively with our manufacturing, R&D partners and clients, as part of the product and system development process, to deliver an exceptional range of GET system solutions.

In addition, to our manufacturing and R&D partners, we’re also an authorised ESCO® dealer for construction markets in WA, QLD, NT and the NSW regions of Greater Sydney, Hunter, North Coast and Northern Tablelands.

The Fortus team of experienced and highly knowledgeable GET experts, will work closely with you to help identify the right system for your requirements, whether it’s overcoming continual tooth loss issues, due to abrasive material or addressing operator safety concerns when replacing or fitting parts out in the field.

To minimise the impact resulting from machine downtime, the Fortus warehouse and distribution network span key locations in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Sydney, Brisbane and Mackay ensuring the continual supply and availability of essential parts to support our GET systems across Australia.

Direct Replacement Parts (DRP).

Fortus is not affiliated, related or associated with any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in any way. Fortus sells Fortus manufactured parts and products which can be used as a substitute or alternative.

We innovate. We supply. You reap the rewards.

At Fortus, we make the business of supplying parts for any earth-moving machine, anywhere in Australia, easy. Ultimately, we make your life and business stress-free. We source the best replacement wear parts from our manufacturing partners worldwide, at the best prices, and then you reap the rewards.

Going the extra mile

We have foundry, engineering and product development partners located across the world, and clients spanning across Australia.

These global relationships mean we're able to provide:

5% Price Beat Guarantee

Reduced downtime is just one upside

By streamlining our operations and distribution systems to suit your needs, we're able to:

  • Maximise productivity and minimise delays

    We tailor a supply solution that ensures you always have the parts you need, whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Maximise performance and minimise attrition

    All of our parts are independently tested to ensure the highest levels of integrity and performance in the field.
  • Maximise profitability and minimise stress

    Because our team works with you one-on-one, we're always ready to step in and help you find the best products at the best price.

Customer Testimonial

Quarry Manager

Your catalogue is one of the main reasons we use you.Usually it takes them about 5 phone calls back and forth to other suppliers to sort out one part number, but with you guys they can have it sorted in a few minutes.

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