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At Fortus, we use heat-treat steel for our products due to the number of functional and economic benefits that it brings. By heat-treating, we are guaranteeing you the best equipment parts that increase the productivity of your excavator and ensure its continuous optimal performance through the longevity of your excavator’s lifetime.

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The CAT J Series is renowned for its great retention and performance over time and different bucket teeth in the series are needed for a range of external environmental conditions. Selecting the correct bucket teeth from the CAT J Series for your situation is crucial, but it is only the start. You must make sure your bucket teeth are installed correctly.

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Evaluating digging machines and ground engaging tools can dramatically improve digging performance, avoid costly mistakes, promote gain and costs saving, and finish projects in a cost effective time frame. Find out how today!

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Luke - Purchasing Manager

Service above and beyond what I ever imagined -
you are an example to the industry. Thank you so much!

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